Tips for Cleaning your Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are certainly put to work with trimless downlights and wall switch inside a bathroom it makes you look good while standing in the mirror. Every morning brush of the teeth, evening wipe of makeup remover and all those trips in-between make them the most relied upon mirrors in our homes.

And there’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom mirror.

So, it makes sense to invest a bit of time in cleaning yours. In this post, we’ve got 10 brilliant tips for cleaning your bathroom mirror until it sparkles.

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10 Tips for Cleaning your Bathroom Mirror until its Sparkling Clean

1. Prevent fogging

Fogged mirrors often leave behind residue, so start as you mean to go on by running an inch of cold water before turning on your hot water. You should find this prevents fogging.

2. Warm water and microfibre

If your bathroom mirror isn’t particular dirty, a quick wipe with warm water and a microfibre cloth works wonders. Just use gentle, circular motions to buff it clean.

3. Washing up liquid

If your mirror is particular dirty, you can do a lot worse than reach for the washing up liquid. Dilute the liquid in warm water and use a sponge to wipe away the dirt from the mirror. Finish up by returning to tip number 2.

4. Commercial glass cleaner

Simply spray the entire mirror with glass cleaner, clean with a sponge and then use a squeegee to remove any streaks. Finish up by buffing with a microfibre cloth.

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5. Vinegar and water

If you haven’t got any glass cleaner to hand, a combination of vinegar and water is a brilliant, cheap alternative for cleaning mirrors. Use equal parts white vinegar and water and a sponge to clean. If you can, poor the solution into a spray bottle for easier application.

6. Shaving cream

Bear with us here. A cheap can of shaving cream can do wonders with a dirty mirror. Squirt a small amount onto a lint-free cloth and apply it to the mirror surface in circular motions. Repeat until you’ve buffed it clean.

7. Paint scraper

On particularly dirty bathroom mirrors, you may have to deal with a thin layer of cloudy residue. The best way to remove this film is by using a paint scraper which features a long, flat Stanley knife blade. Don’t worry – it won’t scratch your mirror.

8. Change your viewing angle

Think your bathroom mirror looks sparkling clean? It may not. Change your viewing angle to hunt down any rogue smears or smudges and work on them until your mirror is clean from every possible angle.

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9. Use yesterday’s news

You’ll get your hands dirty, but by using newspaper as an alternative to the old rag you normally clean with, you’ll easily remove streaks and leave your mirror sparkling.

10. Paper coffee filters

If you don’t have any newspaper or microfibre cloths to hand, try those paper coffee filters you bought and never used. They’re lint-free and absorbent and when combined with your home made vinegar and water glass cleaner, remove even the toughest of bathroom mirror stains.


Everyone loves a clean mirror. Equally, everyone loves non wallet-busting cleaning tips. Use one or a combination of the above tips regularly, and your bathroom mirror will continue to sparkle like the day you bought it.





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