The Benefits of 3D Architectural Visualization

Architectural renderings or the 3D architecture modelling helps in visualising the building structure and interior design of your projects. Rendering is the most important element for the quality of the output. Textures and colours are important because are part of the model and contribute to the final customer decisions.

3D rendering is nowadays available for everybody by using free tools like  Google Sketchup which helps you build and provides accurate and precise 3D dimensional models with life-like images of the required customer building. This kind of tool avoids the need to install multiple software packages for CAD and rendering.

A 3D rendering model gives accurate information about the building and structure from any angle which makes the task of the architect, builder, engineer and customer easier. Even if the customer requests to make alteration to the model, this can be made without any hassle thanks to the tools available in the rendering software.

This kind of software allows the builder to communicate effectively with the client . It is very important for a builder to deliver building project exactly as described in the specifications. A building is a sophisticated piece of workmanship and so is often difficult to visualise completely through the 2D drawings. As we said before, when a 3D model is generated like a 3D floor plan we have the opportunity to see the building from any angle. Therefore many design flaws that have been overlooked can easily be identified and rectified well before construction begins. This results in cost reduction and improved building times.

From our experience we can add the following:

Improve communication – 3D visualisation gives the  viewer the ability to easily understand a complex building without knowledge in architectural design.

Identify design flaws – 3D visualisation enable owners, builders, and other 3rd parties to see design flaws before anything is built and money is wasted. This has impact on the project time execution and spending. This will also improve costumer satisfaction.

Improve marketing – 3D visualisation enhances marketing by giving an eye-catching view of the project in multiple forms of media, including websites.




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