5 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Smells Musty

Does running your air conditioner result in bad odor in your room? This only will hamper all your family member’s health if the source is not identified and sanitized. You need to know why your air conditioner smells badly take adequate measures.

Hiring the best AC duct cleaning company in Dubai such as Kimiclean will be a good idea.

Reasons for the AC unit to emit a bad smell

Mold on Wall

Mold, mildew & must

Excess moisture or humidity within the HVAC system will mean flow of mildew & mold through the ductwork.

SOLUTION: Improve drainage, fix water leaks, replace HVAC filters, and schedule HVAC bi-annual tune-ups to prevent moisture & mildew problems. In case, you notice exposed earth in the basement or crawlspace, then cover the soil.

With a whole-home dehumidifier, you can prevent mildew and mold formation and safeguard your belongings. The humidifier connected to the HVAC system directly will remove the appropriate moisture amount automatically from the air. The condensate is then deposited outdoors. The AC duct cleaning agency hired should offer full cleaning services.

An annual inspection can help clean evaporator coils, condensate drain line as well as identify mildew or mold problems.


Dirty Trash or Rotting Dead Body Smell

If a bad smell emerges from your air duct, then it could be because of some small animal has died in the duct or HVAC system. With time, the smell will only become stronger making it impossible for you to be in the room. It will also result in health hazards if ignored.

SOLUTION: It is necessary to identify the source of smell at the earliest. Switch off the system and open up windows and doors to allow ventilation. Without any delay, contact the AC duct cleaning professionals to do the needful.


A Burning Smell

If you happen to get that burning smell from your unit, then it can be a wiring issue, overheating motor or other mechanical related problems.

SOLUTION: Switch off the system instantly from the breaker box as it is a serious matter. The smell at times might be similar to that of gun powder, indicating some sort caused in the unit’s fan motor or circuit board. If the odor persists, then contact the AC duct cleaning experts immediately. Make sure to eliminate mechanical or electrical problems associated with the unit.



If there are dry P-traps, then sewer gases may enter your home.

SOLUTION: To fill P-trap, run water in all the sinks every month to create a seal against unwanted sewage smells. In case the problem is not dry P-trap related, then it could be ruptured sewer vent-pipe or backed-up sewer line. Since sewer gas is dangerous, call the professionals without any delay.


Cigarette Smoke

Odors are likely to accumulate within the evaporator coil and filter if someone smokes in the room. You will smell stale smoke of cigarettes on switching on the AC unit.

SOLUTION: Replace the filter and schedule professional AC duct cleaning and tune-up. Also, restrict smoking outdoors only.


If you still are unsure about the smell arising from your HVAC system, do not wait, but call the professionals instantly.


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